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So How Would You Describe Yourself?

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“How would you describe yourself?” or “Tell me about yourself” are both classic job interview questions. And while the question is a bit “old school”, it is still often used in many job interviews. So if you are asked this question, how would you respond?

To start, you should be honest. And while honesty is always the best policy, you should always speak to 3 to 5 of the employer’s main job requirements. So for example, if you were applying for Junior Accountant job, a good response would be, “My friends describe me as detail oriented and analytical”. On the other hand, if you were applying for a sales or customer service job, you might want to try something like this, “I have a large group of friends, and they would say I am positive and enthusiastic” or “At work, I am known to get along well with others and to make friends easily”

Now of course, there are other approaches to answering this classic job interview question. Here is a different approach compliments of the popular tv series, “the Office”. I hope you enjoy this clip and wish you have a truly fantastic day.