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Recently, I just got back from India. It was my first time being in mother India. Her beauty amazes me. She is a country full of exotic flavours, colours, scents and the birthplace of so many religions. Most of all, I was touched by the generosity and warmth shown by people who had nothing. It was common to see the poor sharing with those who are poorer.

For a Westerner like myself, the poverty was shocking and disturbing. However, what I found more disturbing was how quickly I became “desensitized“ to all of the suffering when I was surrounded by it. Unfortunately, the child poverty and the homeless are an undeniable part of the landscape.

And while I wanted to give each one of the hundreds of little street kids a better life, all I pulled out of my pocket was a few extra rupees and some candy – short-term anesthetic to ease the sting of poverty. But the smiles on the children’s faces and the sound of their laughter as they played in the streets, will make you wonder about the meaning of your own wealth.

While I don’t know the answer to such complex social economic issues described above, somehow something tells me that a long-term solution that involves education, training and employment is the only sustainable solution.

But we do not have to travel to India to see poverty and homelessness. You just have to open your eyes. Even here in North America, in one of the richest continents in the world many less fortunate people continue to struggle with poverty. Here in Vancouver, BC, Canada , many social ailments plague our city and a commitment to corporate social responsibility represents a great hope.

So what can you do to make a positive difference? For , we believe that the key to breaking the cycle of poverty lies in education, training and employment. How can you help? Anyway, I will conclude this post by challenging you to think about how you can make a positive contribution. Today, I challenge you to do just one small thing to improve the life of someone less fortunate. Thanks for reading and I wish you have a truly fantastic day.