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Purchasing Clerks Job Interview Questions

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Working in retail, wholesale, government and manufacturing, Purchasing and inventory clerks complete purchasing requisitions and maintain inventories of materials, equipment and stock.

So if you have an upcoming interview for a purchasing clerk, read this post.  Below are some job interview questions for the purchasing clerk position.

Purchasing Clerks Job Interview Questions

Organization is critical to the success of a Purchasing Clerk. What methods, tools and techniques do you use to keep track of details and stay organized?

Tell me about a time when you overlooked a detail or made a mistake when reviewing requisition orders, current inventories or when completing a purchasing order? What did you learn from this?

Attention to detail is plays a crucial role in the success of a purchasing clerk. Tell me about a time when you noticed a problem or issue related to purchasing before your coworkers, clients, or boss noticed it. What was the problem and how did you handle it?

Describe your experience in sourcing and obtaining price quotations from suppliers.

Tell me about the most challenging problem you had to solve related to resolving shortages, missed deliveries and other problems.

You will need to be comfortable with computers and inventory systems to perform the duties of a purchasing clerk. Describe your experience in preparing and maintain purchasing files, reports and price lists with computers.

What are your strengths as a purchasing clerk.

Why should we hire you as our purchasing clerk?

Be aware that Purchasing Clerks are known by different job titles depending on the employer. Here are some job titles that are related to the Purchasing Clerk position:

  • inventory analyst
  • inventory clerk
  • inventory control clerk
  • inventory planner
  • procurement clerk
  • purchasing clerk assistant