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Purchasing Manager Job Interview Questions, Procurement Manager Job Interview Questions

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The Purchasing Manager will primarily be responsible for negotiating pricing, managing inventory, managing logistics, and other services with goods and services. This purchasing manager will also be required to manage staff within the purchasing department and build on existing partnerships with core vendors to maximize partnerships to help develop a competitive/service edge.

Below are a few Purchasing Manager job questions you may be asked during an interview for a Purchasing Manager or Supervisor position.  Review the purchasing manager job interview questions carefully and prepare your response before your next interview.

Purchasing Manager can work within many industries in the public and private sectors.

Purchasing Manager Job Interview Questions:

Scenario: You are a purchasing manager that has to meet a strict deadline of purchasing ink pens in two days. Currently you have a list of 12 potential vendors. How do you go about aggressively negotiate pricing to provide competitively priced products as per specifications? What other factors other then price is important in your decision?

Describe your previous experience as a purchasing manager when you worked with the other buyer/planners in a team to ensure the availability of product are met to production schedules. Describe a specific example? What were some of your biggest challenges working with others?

The purchasing manager will be required to generate production schedules to meet forecasted demands and sales orders. Tell us about a time when you generated a production schedule to meet a forecasted sales order. Describe the schedule and how it was created? How did you manage multiple demands and sales orders using the schedule?

Describe a time as a purchasing manager when you had to set strategic goals for procurement in line with the corporate strategy and market trends? What sorts of market trends did you identify and incorporate into the procurement strategy and activities?

As a purchasing manager you will be responsible for identify, negotiating with and establishing and maintaining relationships with appropriate suppliers on the most favourable terms possible. From your experience, how do you choose the best supplier to work with on a particular requirement? What factors or processes do you use to shortlist the suppliers?

The purchasing manager must conduct regular reviews of supplier performance in terms of quality, price and service. Describe your experience with supplier reviews? What did you create to track performance on a regular basis? Tell us about the most difficult and the best experience you have had working with a supplier?


Purchasing Manager can be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Purchasing Manager :

  • contract manager
  • director, procurement operations
  • director, purchasing
  • food purchasing manager
  • manager, purchasing contracts
  • material manager
  • purchasing manager
  • procurement manager
  • goods and services manager