Teacher Job Interview Questions

Strong Communicators.

Vice Principal the principles look for teachers who are strong communicators. 99% of your success as a teacher will depend on your ability to communicate. This is because teachers must communicate with diverse population of children, families and staff. So because of this, you should be prepared to respond to job interview questions that assess your ability to communicate. Have examples prepared in advance of your job interview related to times when you had to speak to an angry parent or an upset student.

Planning Teachers.

Planning is such an important part of being a teacher. Teachers must plan ahead to make sure that daily classroom routines anticipate children’s needs, emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively. Job interviews today stress, the ability to plan lessons, activities, and so forth. You will be asked questions in your job interview about when you had to plan something complex, interesting and engaging and educational all at once. Think back to some of your teaching experience and even some of your experience volunteering or in school, where you were in charge of planning a project or an event. Doing this before your job interview will be vital.

The Ability To Connect.

Are you a people person? Can you connect with others easily? Well, you better be able to show a prospective school employer that you can engage others and inspire students. Teachers must recruit and reach out to area families and foster a sense of community within the school and encourage parental involvement and interactions. Because of this, you must be able to show an employer that you can engage others easily. Be sure to have examples ready of when you inspired a lackluster classroom to learn. Be prepared to describe the techniques and methods you use to engage people. But the best way to show a school employer that you can connect well with others is to show passion in your job interview when you speak about teaching. By connecting with the school hiring manager, using eye contact and smiling you will demonstrate your ability to connect.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Often it is difficult to get classwork done. What are some shortcuts you've used to complete your work?

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Bonus Questions

  • Do you think an organization like yours discourages people from taking risks? How has this affected you? Tell me about a particular time when it affected you.
  • What experience do you have operating computers or other office equipment? What is your proficiency level?
  • Who is your most effective subordinate and your least effective subordinate? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

Daily Interview Tip

Show an interviewer that you are coachable by showing that you appreciate getting instruction and criticism when it is done fairly and constructively. Common pitfalls of job seekers during an interview is being inappropriately assertive, underplaying strengths and achievements and failing to translate experience into language that could excite the interviewer. Write down your questions for the interviewer before the day of your interview so that you are ready.