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Day Care Teacher Sample Job Interview Questions

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Day Care Teacher Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Day Care Teacher job interview questions designed specifically for the teaching career field.

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In this Day Care we pride ourselves on our safety. What sort of things do you do to ensure the safety and well being of the children and staff?

Describe your knowledge related to compliance with current governmental regulations?

What kinds of skills and abilities do you think that separates you from the other day care applicants? For example, do you do crafts, puppets, music, etc

It’s common for meetings to get off track. Describe a time when you were leading a meeting and this happened. What did you do?

What are some of the most important reports you have written? How difficult were they to write? Why? What reactions did they get?

Unfortunately, some solutions don’t always correct problems. Can you think of an interesting solution you generated as a Day Care Teacher that did not correct the problem? What was the solution? How did you come up with the idea?

Tell me about a situation in which you sent information or materials/products by the most appropriate means (tax, overnight or same-day mail, UPS, etc.) to ensure a customer received them when needed?

Have you done any on-the-job training as a Day Care Teacher? Give an example. What steps did you follow? How did you prepare for the training and how effective was it?

Jobs differ in the amount of paperwork required. Do you like or dislike completing a lot of paperwork? Why? Describe the paperwork you have to complete as a Day Care Teacher.

What typing equipment (word processors, Dictaphones, memory typewriters, etc.) can you operate? How were you trained? When? How often do you use them?

Have you planned any conferences, workshops, or retreats? What steps did you take for one of these?