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Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants, Teacher Aide Job Interview Questions

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Have an interview for a Teacher Assistant or TA job? Feeling nervous about your interview? Well, here are job interview questions to help you prepare for your upcoming big date.

Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants Job Interview Questions

Describe yourself? Tell me about yourself?

How has your training and schooling prepared you to be an effective teacher assistant?

As a teacher assistant, sometimes you will be dealing with uncooperative students. Tell me about a time when you were working with an uncooperative and upset student? How did you handle this?

Suppose you were monitoring students during recess, at noon hour or during the day and you see fight. You go to break it up and ask what is going on. One student tells you that the other student insulted him. The other student denies this. How would you handle this?

You will be working with students that come from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Give me an example of when you had to consider a student’s cultural background in your work.

As an educational assistant, you will need to work closely with the classroom teacher. Describe a teacher you had to work with that you did not get along with. What was the source of tension?

Describe a situation when you disagreed with a teacher over a student’s welfare. What did you do about this?

This job requires you to join the union. Do you have any concerns joining the teacher assistant’s union?

Tell me about the most challenging student with a mental or physical disability, with mobility, communication and personal hygiene issues that you have had to work with. What made this student challenging? How did you adapt to this situation?

What makes you a great Educational Assistant?

What methods or techniques do you employ to inspire students and get them engaged?

Educations Assistants are known by many job titles depending on the country, employer, etc.  Here are some job titles related to Educational Assistant:

  • educational assistant
  • lunch room supervisor
  • secondary school teacher’s assistant
  • staff assistant, education
  • teacher’s assistant
  • educational resources assistant
  • program assistant
  • special education assistant
  • teacher’s aide