Elementary School Teacher Sample Job Interview Questions

Elementary School Teacher Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Elementary School Teacher job interview questions designed specifically for the Teaching career field.

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what interests you most about this job as a Elementary School Teacher?

Give me an example when you had to inspire intellectual curiosity through rigorous lessons.

Tell me about a new idea you recently implemented as a Elementary School Teacher. What approach did you take to gain your employees’ acceptance?

Technologies playing a larger and larger role in the way we live. Describe how you use tech knowledge he in your classroom.

At this school, we believe the key to improvement is through feedback. Give me an example of how you receive routine, ongoing feedback and support to improve your teaching.

What do you do to engage students through curriculum that reinforces the fun of learning and enable struggling students to thrive?.

What are some of the most difficult writing assignments you have had in our job as Elementary School Teacher? Explain.

Can you think of a time as a Elementary School Teacher when your standard approach to problem solving didn’t produce the desired solution? What did you do?

Have you ever had to ‘go the extra mile” to satisfy a customer? Tell me what you did.

To what extent do you format the reports and letters you type as a Elementary School Teacher?

What types of project planning or administration did you do in your previous job? Tell me about some of these projects.

What was your biggest disappointment at school? How did you cope with it?

Describe a time when you stood out from the crowd by taking a stand on an important issue.

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Bonus Questions

  • What are some of the most innovative strategies or methods you have used in implementing superiors' strategic directives?
  • We all have had times when we needed to do a lot within a certain period of time. Has this happened to you? How did you prevent items from slipping through the cracks? Tell me about one of these situations.
  • What made you decide to attend college, training, etc.? What influenced your decision?

Daily Interview Tip

Read carefully through the job and person specification, identifying your experiences that demonstrate the skills or knowledge gained. Again, practise articulating each one. If you were fired and are not on good terms with your previous employer, explain the reason why you were fired. Stress that you learned something from the previous situation. If the job requires working with money, valuable merchandise or information like intellectual property, make sure you are bondable.