Kindergarten Teacher Sample Job Interview Questions

Kindergarten Teacher Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Kindergarten Teacher job interview questions designed specifically for the Teaching career field.

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We have a high population of students who have English as a second language. If you were the teacher of this class, what would you do to emphasize literacy and language acquisition for ELLs?

How often do you meet with your employees as a group? How do you prepare for these meetings? What is your role? Give an example.

What types of forms do you regularly complete in our job as Kindergarten Teacher? Tell me about one of the most difficult or important forms you have had to complete.

Can you think of a time as a Kindergarten Teacher when your standard approach to problem solving didn’t produce the desired solution? What did you do?

How do you establish performance standards for your subordinates? Tell me about the process you use as a Kindergarten Teacher. Give an example of a time when this worked for you.

How do you keep track of your employees' assignments? Give specific examples.

Who is your most effective subordinate and your least effective subordinate? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

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Bonus Questions

  • What is the difference between hard work and smart work?
  • When negotiating with others, it's always important to present your views. Tell me about a situation when you did this.
  • How do you usually plan your day?

Daily Interview Tip

At the start of the interview you should smile at and maintain good eye contact with the interviewer. Try to relax without perching on the edge of your chair, but don't slouch either. Great questions to ask the interviewer is about the size of the department/branch/section, training programs, and opportunities for advancement. Ask for more explanation if you do not understand a question. It is better to ask for clarification than to answer inappropriately.