Pre-School Teacher Sample Job Interview Questions

Pre-School Teacher Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Pre-School Teacher job interview questions designed specifically for the teaching career field.

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what makes you a suitable Pre-School Teacher for this school?

Strong lesson planning is something we are looking for in this pre-school teaching position. Give me an example of when you had to implement age-appropriate thematic lesson plans.

Our ideal candidate would hold certifications in CPR, First Aid and Child Abuse. Would be able to meet these requirements?

Describe your experience with experience in the REA, Waldorf and/or Montessori teaching approaches.

Tell me about a new idea you recently implemented as a Pre-School Teacher. What approach did you take to gain your employees’ acceptance?

Relate an approach, different from your normal approach, you took to solve a problem as a Pre-School Teacher. How did you come up with the approach? What other options did you consider?

Do you have any system for organizing your work area? Tell me how that system helped or didn’t help you on the job as a Pre-School Teacher.

We've all had friends or colleagues come to us for help on assignments/projects that they were expected to complete on their own. Has this ever happened to you? How did you respond?

What is the typical sales cycle? How long does that take? What is the longest you have ever taken? Why?

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Bonus Questions

  • How if at all have you involved others in determining their career development activities? Give examples.
  • Have you suggested any new ideas to your boss in the last six months? Which ones were accepted? How did you get them accepted?
  • No one does a perfect job every time. What did you do after your last mistake at work?

Daily Interview Tip

Smile when you talk on the telephone. You'll sound more relaxed, you'll sound more confident and assertive. Be on time for your interview. Try to arrive 5 or 10 minutes early to be safe. Find out ahead of time where you're going and how long it will take to get there. You may be able to decrease your anxiety by realizing that an interview is a meeting between two equally important parties with the goal of sharing information. The employer wants to find out if you can do the job and if you will fit into the organization. You want to find out if you should contribute your skills and knowledge to the organization, if you can learn and grow in this position, and if you will be respected and compensated for your contribution.