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Warehouse Clerk Sample Job Interview Questions

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Warehouse Clerk Sample Job Interview Questions


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Here are sample Warehouse Clerk job interview questions designed specifically for the Warehouse career field.

why do you want to be a Warehouse Clerk for our company?

It’s common for meetings to get off track. Describe a time when you were leading a meeting and this happened. What did you do?

There is a degree of physical work as you are required to clean and stock aisles, load and unload trucks. How do you stay fit for this kind of work?

Are you forklift certified?

Describe your experience in transporting pallets through the warehouse and removing pallets of merchandise in storage locations.

In this job, you will need to work in working in various conditions (i.e. office, warehouse, yard, vehicles, temperatures (cold/hot). Can you meet this requirement?

Tell me more about your background in operating power equipment safely. List the machines and tools you can operate.

Have you had an opportunity to generate a novel solution to a problem? What happened? Where/How did you initially come up with the idea?

Have you ever had to ‘go the extra mile” to satisfy a customer? Tell me what you did.

All our Warehouse Clerks are required to pass background checks pass drug screening. Do you have any concerns with meeting these requirements?

In your view, what is the key to success when pulling and staging orders in appropriate locations. Why?

What qualities do you think make a great Warehouse Clerk?

What do you find most challenging when checking and maintaining carton count accuracy within the warehouse?

What types of writing have you done in our job as Warehouse Clerk? Can you give some examples? (Follow up on one or two examples.)

How have you decided on performance goals for your subordinates as a Warehouse Clerk? What did you do to establish these goals? Give a recent example.

Some jobs provide the opportunity to be creative and figure out new ways to accomplish tasks. Tell me about a time when your job offered just the right amount of creative opportunities. Why was that the right amount?

Has your boss ever asked you to re-do something you spent a lot of time doing? How often? Tell me about one of these situations.