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Warehouse Manager, Shipping and Receiving Supervisor Job Interview Questions

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Warehouse Manager or Shipping and Receiving Manager oversees the work of warehouse workers, shipper and receivers, inventory clerks, and so forth.  As such, a warehouse supervisor must have the skills and experience to lead staff, manage performance, hire, fire and discipline warehouse workers.  The prime responsibility of a warehouse manager is to direct the flow of items to and from a warehouse.

If you are a warehouse supervisor and you have a job interview coming up, then you should read this post. This post will focus on job interview questions specifically for the warehouse supervisor role. Review the questions below and consider how you would respond before your next job interview.

Warehouse Manager, Shipping and Receiving Manager Job Interview Questions

How would your direct reports or subordinates describe your management style as a warehouse supervisor?

What are 5 traits that are required as a warehouse supervisor? Of these 5, which one is your weakness?

Safety is our priority in our warehouse manager position. How do you build a culture of safety mindedness in your warehouse workers?

Suppose you notice a warehouse worker who files an injury claim and takes sick time or goes on disability each summer. How would you handle this?

As our warehouse manager, you will be responsible for training warehouse staff in safety procedures, company policies, shipping and receiving duties etc. Tell me about a time when a warehouse staff had difficulty understanding your training. What did you do to help them learn?

Leading your warehouse department to meet targets, standards and goals will be your responsibility as warehouse manager. Describe a situation when a warehouse worker experienced trouble meeting objectives or standards. How did you handle this?

In your previous warehouse management roles. Think about warehouse worker with the poorest performance. Why do you think this worker had such poor performance? What was done to improve this worker’s performance? What was the eventual outcome for this individual? Did you let this individual go? If so what was the reasoning for this decision for retaining or firing this worker?

What is your experience in a unionized warehouse setting?

Warehouse Managers are known by different job titles depending on the industry and specific job.  Here are some job titles related to the warehouse manager job:

Warehouse Managers Related Job Titles

  • dispatch logistician
  • flight crew scheduling supervisor
  • freight forwarding logistician
  • head dispatcher
  • head shipper
  • shipping and receiving manager
  • inventory control supervisor
  • logistics supervisor – transportation
  • parts service supervisor
  • production clerks supervisor
  • ramp services supervisor – airport
  • stock control supervisor
  • supervisor, receiving
  • supply control co-ordinator
  • shipping and receiving supevisor