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Warehouse Shipper Receiver Job Interview Questions

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A Shipper and Receiver is responsible for arranging the transportation of materials from location to another. A Shipper and Receiver not only ships and receives the goods but also performs administrative duties that record the movement of inventory, supplies, materials, equipment and stock to and from a business.

A Shipper and Receiver works in government, retail, wholesale and other commercial organizations.

If you are a Shipper and Receiver then you should read this post. Below are job interview questions for a Shipper and Receiver position. Review these questions and consider how you would respond in an interview.

Shipper Receiver Job Interview Questions

As shipper and receiver, you will be required to operate a Forklift. Do you hold a Forklift certificate? Tell me more about your experience driving a forklift.

A safe driving record is a requirement for our shipping and receiving position. What class of Driver’s licence do you hold? Do you have any driving prohibitions, infractions, charges, that would prevent you from performing the duties of this job? How many infractions, tickets, and points have you had from driving in the last 3 years?

Attention to detail is essential to being a successful shipper and receiver. For example, if mistakes are made preparing bills of lading, customs forms, and other shipping documents, it can cost us and our customers greatly. What methods, techniques and tools do you use to ensure you do not omit details in your work?

We require a minimal completion of high school, secondary school, GED for this Shipper and Receiver job. Do you meet this educational requirement?

The ability to notice a problem and then take the right action is very important as a shipper and receiver. For example when inspecting and verify goods the come in against shipping documents. Tell me about a time when you noticed a mistake before anyone else. What did you do about it?

Safety is very important to our shipping and receiving department. Sometimes people have to bend safety or security rules to finish a job.
Share some examples of when you had to do this.

Suppose you just received a huge shipment and the boss wants it completed to meet a deadline. You see a colleague compromising safety procedures to get the job done quickly (i.e. stacking materials unsafely with heavy items on top not on the bottom to save a few minutes, stacking pallets to high, not wearing PPE, etc). How would you handle this?

Shipper and receivers need to work in warehouse and loading dock environments.  As a result they are exposed to weather conditions such as cold and heat.  Are you able to meet this requirement?

A shipper and receiver may be known by many job titles.  Here are some job titles related to the shipper and receiver job.

Shipper and Receiver Job Titles

billing rate clerk

cargo location clerk

delivery clerk

distribution clerk

export-booking clerk

freight checker

freight receiver

freight receiver clerk

freight receiving clerk

freight shipper

import freight clerk

milk and cream receiver – food and beverage processing

produce shipper


receiving checker

receiving clerk

receiving clerk for returned merchandise

receiving room clerk



shipping agent

shipping and receiving clerk

shipping clerk

stock handler

stock receiver


warehouse receiver

warehouse shipper

warehouse shipping clerk