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Why Should We Hire You? – Selling Yourself in the Interview

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This is one of those classic tough interview questions. Interviewers ask this question to see how you perform under pressure. Especially if the job involves potentially stressful situations, tough questions allow the interviewer to observe how you handle pressure. This question is also often used by those hiring for sales positions. The hiring manager wants to see how well you can “sell yourself”.

The Common Mistake

The most common mistake I have seen when this question is asked is the “throw everything and kitchen sink” method. This usually happens at the end of the interview, when the applicant is feeling unsure and not confident about the interview. As a last ditch effort, he or she tries to regurgitate the entire resume for me. The result? I couldn’t remember one point because I was too overwhelmed with too much information. And the candidate came across as desperate, and that is the worst mistake you can make.


How to Handle This Question

This is where doing your homework pays. Do your homework and learn the top 3 to 5 requirements of the job. If you know the main requirements of the job posting, you can link them with your qualifications. That will allow you to prepare a 2-second commercial containing 2 to 4 points that will reinforce the message that you are the one to hire.

As mentioned, it’s important that you choose the main requirements, since every employer has a “wish list” requirements, you don’t need to speak to all of them. Speak to the main requirements, the ones you feel are high priorities based on the nature of the work.

A 2 second commercial that links your strengths to the employers top 3 to 5 requirements will ensure you leave a lasting impression that you are definitely the one to hire.

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